The K&A Psychodrama

The K&A Psychodrama

The core idea of K&A Psychodrama® sounds simple: 'Ask without asking'.

Think of the psychodrama in market research as a detective who looks into people's minds and uncovers their true reasons for behaviour. Instead of asking them directly, the Detective has people play role-plays to bring their true motives and barriers to light and develop successful strategies experimentally. This is how he circumvents the notorious Say-Do-Gap.

"Psychodrama is the gold standard for understanding drivers and barriers ."

Florian Klaus, K&A BrandResearch

Florian Klaus

In psychodrama we put the participants into realistic everyday situations to relive decision contexts as if they were in a time machine (ContextThinking®). This brings to light their inner, automatic routines (System 1), but also fears and desires that they might not otherwise be able or willing to reveal.

In this way, the detective – i.e. the psychodrama – can identify the true reasons for people's behaviour and provide market research valuable insights to design more effective marketing strategies and offers. And all this without people realising that they are just revealing their deepest secrets.

Jacob Levy Moreno developed the methodology of psychodrama originally for group psychotherapy. K&A adapted this method for market research in 1989. K&A Psychodrama® was born out of the emotional connection between a curious market researcher and an experimental psychotherapist. With over 30 years of experience, over 60,000 participants and the continuous development of the original concept, K&A has acquired outstanding expertise in this field.

Business as usual – the autopilot takes the wheel

Psychologist and economist Daniel Kahneman divides our thinking into two camps: the impulsive and emotional System 1 and the rational, logical System 2. According to Kahneman, our gut feeling, the System 1 autopilot, makes 95 percent of our daily decisions . However, when we are asked about the reasons for our decisions, we conjure up plausible explanations in no time at all that make us believe we have thought everything through rationally. We invent "good reasons" that do not necessarily coincide with the actual "real reasons", as the many marketing failures prove.

Michael and his marketing problem.

What makes K&A Psychodrama® special.

Thumbnail to psychodrama explainer video on youtube.
Thumbnail to psychodrama explainer video on youtube.

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