The K&A Psychodrama

The K&A Psychodrama

K&A Psychodrama® is asking questions without asking.

Techniques borrowed from therapy work, such as role-playing, projections or symbol work, gradually push back rational thinking in the intuitive-emotional re-experiencing. Decision-making processes are experienced in context, reflected and can be changed experimentally.

"Psychodrama is the gold standard for target group studies."

Florian Klaus, K&A BrandResearch

Florian Klaus

Jacob Levy Moreno originally developed the methodology for group psychotherapy. It was adapted for market research by K&A in 1989. K&A Psychodrama® is the product of an emotional connection between a curious market researcher and an experimental psychotherapist. With now 30 years of experience, over 60,000 cases completed and further development of the original, we have developed an outstanding expertise.

Business as usual – the autopilot takes over

The psychologist and Nobel price winner Daniel Kahneman distinguishes between two types of thinking: an instinctive and emotional system 1 and a rational, logical system 2. According to Kahneman, our gut as an autopilot makes 95 percent of all daily decisions (system 1). When questioned about decisions made by our autopilot, we subsequently find plausible explanations that make us believe we made this decision rationally. We invent 'good reasons' that do not necessarily coincide with the actual 'real reasons', as marketing failures show.

So we do not know or are not aware of the exact processes, motives, drivers and barriers of human behaviour in economic situations and cannot describe or explain them. This is where psychological market research comes in. Brain-based market research does what also helps in everyday life: picking up the thread again and going back to the decision-making situation - back to the context in which the decision was made and reliving it (ContextThinking®). This is the core idea of K&A Psychodrama®. Experienced project teams reconstruct the subjective world of the target clients and uncover true motives and barriers.

Michael and his marketing problem.

What makes K&A Psychodrama® special.

Thumbnail to psychodrama explainer video on youtube.
Thumbnail to psychodrama explainer video on youtube.

Further tools based on the psychodrama approach