… because we think in contexts, not in target groups that are far removed from life.
Personality traits? Overrated! As a market research institute, we know: Everyday life, life experiences and life circumstances trigger behavior. That’s why we focus on context-related market research and brand consulting that decodes decisions. We call this ContextThinking®.

… because we keep up with the latest findings in psychology, behavioral research and marketing.
Feelings of recognition drive decisions. Cognitive knowledge or emotional associations with a brand are not enough. The lively anchoring in people’s minds determines when the brand is remembered. Kahneman, Moreno, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science.

… because we answer your marketing questions without a Say-Do-Gap. Attitudes and behavior? Two completely different planets. We don’t rely on what people say in surveys. K&A focuses on contexts of use in everyday reality. You get real insights that can be directly applied to the real world, whether pharma, FMCG, Digital or B2B. K&A Psychodrama®.

We develop tools and methods.

We are the inventors of K&A Psychodrama® This allows us to examine decision-making contexts in a particularly behavioral manner. With our psychodramatic view at qualitative and quantitative market research methods and a lot of passion, we explore why and how brands and people interact. And yes, of course we also use AI to increase efficiencies. More about our empirically based models of success

We strengthen brands!

Very specifically: Where does your brand stand? What makes people perceive it better and use it intuitively in the relevant contexts? We find out and show you what is possible. For more WOW and more impact. We support you in your operational business with practical knowledge and flexible consulting formats

Context​Thinking® helps marketing strategies.

We stand for a change of perspective in market research. The focus is on people in their everyday contexts. We not only make consumer behavior visible through their motives, preferences and needs, we bring it to life. An additional effect: contexts are easier for people to remember, which increases the power of your brand budgets. More about our approach to market research