We are passionate about strengthening brands based on research. Strong brands are physically and above all mentally present. ContextThinking® increases precisely this mental presence in a targeted way.

With Research & Consulting, we support our clients in successfully anchoring their brand in the relevant contexts.

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We help bring about a change of perspective. The focus is on people in their everyday contexts: where can the brand be anchored?

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People are our focus. We not only make people’s motives and needs visible to our clients, but bring them to life!

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Stimulus for occasion-related purchase.

Those who under­stand every­day contexts, win over new consu­mers through packa­ging communi­ca­tion. What does this mean for confectio­nery brands?

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BrainCandy 79

LUXURY BELIEFS. The new elitist means for distancing oneself from the the masses.

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The Better the Context … Succesful brands through context research

It is not the evaluation of brands in terms of attitude and sustain­ability that is rele­vant for purcha­sing, but above all con­crete occasions.

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