BrainCandy N°104

An important behavioural bias is confirmed: The unused science of less.
An opportunity for marketing.

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3 cheerful people kneel in front of documents spread out on the floor and discuss them together.

Innovation Thinking

How can we ensure that innovations work in everyday life? Florian Klaus and Anja Postler show how we use the creative potential of the target group to generate ideas and apply context-related methods. How innovation thinking creates new solutions.

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Branding alert for OTC brands? Why awareness is becoming more important

People are increasingly buying their health products independently without advice in drugstores and super­markets or online. As a result, brand awareness, memorability and association with health issues are becoming more strategically relevant in OTC marketing.

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Modern cocktail bar with fresh ingredients and cocktail glasses on the table and guests in the background.

Consumer trends and drinking contexts.

Identifying potential trends with sustainable lasting effect comes very close to the search for the Holy Grail:
How can we say with certainty what consumers will want to drink tomorrow?

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View out of a tunnel into the light from outside.

Crisis, recession, brand?

Why context thinking promises good solutions, especially in times of crisis.

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Chiller cabinet

Successful branding from the chiller cabinet

Consumer trends such as regionality, crafts­man­ship and sustain­ability are all the more effective for dairy brands if they are communi­cated to consumers in a targeted manner and are also recognised by them.

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