A person with outstretched arms on an ice field admires the northern lights in the sky against a mountain backdrop.

BrainCandy N°100

‘Awe’ by Dacher Keltner – the transformative power of wonder.

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Chiller cabinet

Successful branding from the chiller cabinet

Consumer trends such as regionality, crafts­man­ship and sustain­ability are all the more effective for dairy brands if they are communi­cated to consumers in a targeted manner and are also recognised by them.

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Brands in times of crisis – and still successful?

Breweries were hit hard during the pandemic. Tough times for brewers – but even tougher times for beer brands with declining per capita consumption and over­capacities. So what is to be done? How can this be countered?

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Water glass into which mineral water is poured, stands in rushing river.

More everyday closeness for regional wells.

How brands in the mineral water market gain more fascination through schema breaks and contextual appeal.

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Efficient brand management in family-owned confectionery companies.

Shortcut marketing for family businesses! 12 simple rules on how small and medium-sized businesses can get their marketing strategies on the road to success in times of crisis with a small budget!

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Physician with white face mask held out.

Physician personas and the appropriate communicative approach.

Whether doctors’ personas help as a communication strategy and how over-psychologisation can be avoided …

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