Running office worker from which many arrows with different symbols such as charts or mail emanate.

BrainCandy 83

Life is too short for time management. Our productivity hacking leads to a dead end.

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Doctor holds glowing lightbulb in his hand.

Increased practice efficiency, successful therapy.

Behavioral automations and key stimuli help context efficiency in the medical setting. Context communication also works in healthcare settings.

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Two fingers of one hand tilt the word dying from letter cubes.

Insights from the Friedwald-Jenseits study.

Why longevity displaces death and the status quo bias ensures little provision for death.

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Colorful ice cold drink cans.

Hard Seltzer in Germany: New AlcoPops or New Drink Trends?

Vague reasons for use do not make an exciting product a trend. Why Hard Seltzer doesn’t have it so easy …

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Face assembled from photo parts of other different faces.

Female Diversity – Women in Health Care Everyday Life.

Health care is becoming more female, and communi­ca­tion of illnesses and complaints between men and women often different.

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Pointer pointing from woman with Santa hat in front of Christmas tree to bitten gingerbread.

Why Context Thinking is a mental accelerator for brand messaging.

We have too much of many things. No easy task for advertising to penetrate the memory of us consumers.

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