Dog looks anxiously to the side.

BrainCandy 78

What does it do to us when we are caught incessantly by disaster headlines? Exciting insights with good recommendations for our mental health.

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Black horizontal bars that disappear in the background.

BrainCandy 77

The linearity bias hinders the successful transformation of Germany.

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Wooded cemetery with grave lights.

How people want to die tomorrow.

Study results: Death continues to lose fear, the church continues to lose importance: Dying shall have less psychological burden on those suffering from it!

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Food blogger baking in front of cell phone on tripod.

With the home office, baking became a trend (again).

Corona provided many restric­tions in every­day life, but cooking and baking were redis­co­vered by Gen Y and Gen Z. We describe here how strongly the context of baking became established in German households.

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Person beim Psychologen auf dem Stuhl - durchgestrichen

Wanted: The update on psychology in marketing.

Better psychodrama thinking and shaping the future from the context of today than getting lost in the past with psychological deep drilling. Also in marketing and market research. Away with the psycho-ballast!

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Foto von VDGE Strategieworkshop

Inspirierende Anstöße

Was muss der statio­näre Getränke-Einzel­handel tun, um im Zeit­alter von Amazon & Co. weiter­hin rele­vant zu bleiben?

Erfolgreicher Auf­takt des ersten VDGE-Strategie­workshops in Fulda.

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