Woman reaches into shopping shelves. In the foreground inscription BRANDING.

Generation new access to everyday life.

Branding is indispensable for long-term brand success. Communication helps when it triggers WOW and generates buying generates occasions to buy.

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Consultation with the doctor.

What the oncologist`s heart burns for in everyday practise.

Wanting to stand up to cancer. How oncologists are looking for new therapy options to better face poor prognoses.

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Smoking man in a suit and bowler hat has a lion face.

BrainCandy 90

Human beings are chronically conflicted animals.
The evolution of egalitarian behaviour.

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Graphic about diversity with different colored very different faces.

Diversity instead of simplicity.

Light and shadow of diversity marketing.

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Beer is poured into a pilsner glass.

Like a phoenix from the ashes… Chances for a Pils renaissance?

Pilsner is still the most drunk beer in 2023. But really popular? Why Pils needs more experience and contextual reframing.

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Symbolic beer bottles with marked dots.

More purchase incentive through brand signals and context packaging.

Packaging and label design reinforce branding on the one hand, but on the other hand they offer many options for additional branding.

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