Children‘s Market Research.

Children‘s Market Research.

The key to child and brand: market research with children and young people at K&A.

The magic of child and brand: voyages of discovery into the world of the youngest at K&A. In families, children are becoming increasingly important in deciding on brands and services.

Those who sow positive traces in the memory already in childhood will also reap better mental availability in adults. In building successful period brands, we support our clients with specific children's market research tools. For young explorers, the evolution of the brand-human relationship, bright signals and moments of wonder are the secret ingredients for brand magic.

In our qualitative research journey with adolescents and children, we use methods derived from child and youth therapy (child psychodrama) in addition to traditional individual explorations and friendship duos. Our aim is to immerse in the emotional and mental world of adolescents, not only to sketch it, but to understand it and to inspire marketing.

Our methodological kit in detail:

  • Deep explorations with children and young people.
  • Guided mother-child interviews.
  • Friendship Pairs with peers (2-3 children who know each other).
  • K&A Youth psychodrama (4-8 hours with approx. 10 young people per psychodrama).
  • K&A Child Psychodrama.