Children‘s Market Research.

Children‘s Market Research.

The key to child and brand: market research with children and young people at K&A.

In families, children are becoming increasingly important in deciding brands and services.

Those who sow positive traces in the memory already in childhood will also reap better availability with adults. We support our clients with specific tools of children's market research in ¬building successful time period brands. Especially with children and adolescents, changes in brand-human interaction, concise signals and moments of wonder are the be-all and end-all for brand success.

In qualitative market research with young people and children, in addition to classic individual explorations and friendship pairs, we use methods that have been used in child and youth therapy (child psychodrama). The goal of our Kids Research is always a deeper insight into the emotional and mental world of adolescents¬, which not only describes, but also decodes the target group's behaviour and inspires marketing. Our moderators, who are experienced¬ with children, discover possible barriers and successful insights for a targeted approach to the target group for our clients.

Our methodological toolbox in detail:

  • Deep explorations with children and young people.
  • Guided mother-child interviews.
  • Friendship Pairs with peers (2-3 children who know each other).
  • Shopper Safari 'Through the eyes of children': accompanied shopping and event experiences.
  • K&A Youth psychodrama (4-8 hours with approx. 10 young people per psychodrama).
  • K&A Child Psychodrama.