K&A HealthCare Research.

K&A HealthCare Research.

Pharmaceutical market research, insights on health care professionals and patients.

For over 25 years, the healthcare sector (Rx, OTC, medical technology, body care) has been a focus of K&A BrandResearch with particularly demanding target groups (specialists, medical professionals, pharmacists, patients, health insurance companies, opinion leaders, etc.) and challenging contextual conditions (political reforms and restrictions, indications and indication-independent taboo topics).

In the past 20 years, we have conducted over 600 K&A Psychodrama® studies in the HealthCare segment alone.

In times of information and Tx flood, decisions in the health sector are particularly complex. The right signal at the right point can speed up decisions and change routines.

We analyse key players in the health sector, offer insights into their actions and support our clients with clear, targeted recommendations.

The proof of confidence: many of the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturers have certified us to conduct market research worldwide.

Qualitative HealthCare Research.

In addition to classic methods, we use psychotherapeutic tools in particular to gain deep insights into the emotions and thoughts of the target groups. This is essential for taboo topics, among others. Our experienced facilitators identify barriers and opportunities to make medicinal products a success. Especially individual treatment contexts explain a big part of the decision-making behaviour also in HCP.

Excerpt from our methodological toolbox:

  • K&A Psychodrama® with workshops of 4-8 hours in length and 6-10 participants from your target group. More than 20 years of experience for almost all indications and with all medical professions.
  • K&A HCP Monodramas
  • (Psychological) in-depth interviews or individual explorations
  • (Creative) Focus Groups
  • K&A Brand Workshop: Brand design together with clients and creative agencies
  • K&A Conversation Lab: Experimental replication and continuous optimisation of possible conversation situations between the company and the target group.
  • Mystery shopping in pharmacies and medical supply stores
  • War Games

Quantitative HealthCare Research.

By investigating cause-effect relationships, we identify potential starting points for behavioural change in the target group. Our adequate samples and sound statistical expertise lead to precise, action-oriented findings.

Key tools of our quantitative HealthCare Research:

  • Usage & Attitude surveys.
  • Day After Visit surveys.
  • K&A folder test.
  • K&A eMOT® advertising impact test: The eMOT®logic for optimising your talking or advertising material to successfully spread your messages to the target group.
  • Patient Physician Journey: The patient journey to your brand.